Ode To The Stay at Home Mom

Mom’s, you are amazing. I love how we say “stay at home mom” as if that’s what mom’s who don’t work get to do- “stay at home”. There is no staying at home, people! There are all of the things that we have to go out and do because we are the ones “staying at home”! The “running to the store for that one thing” mom or the “I can do to that meeting with the realtor in the middle of the day right during nap time, sure” mom would be more accurate. Not to mention the mommy dates at the park, the trips to go get coffee because #starbucksislyfe , and of course the dreaded “we have one roll of toilet paper left and Daddy’s coming home after a long day of drinking coffee…”.¬† And then Target. I know, call me basic but I just love that bulls-eye. I’m constantly torn between wanting that perfect lavender/sage/lemon/coffee/pineneedles/sprinkledonuts candle that I never even knew existed that awaits in the red and white wonderland, or guaranteeing my son will obey the two month old rule of life and SLEEP. It’s a battlefield, ladies.

Speaking of nap time, no one ever told me how many different directions I would feel pulled in! Do I nap? Clean? Have a little “self-care” time? Do I have enough “self care” to do “self care”?? In reality, I spend most of my time running from one thing to the next, half doing each thing. If I do the dishes will that wake him up? If I take a shower will I be able to hear if he’s crying? Do I really care enough to get clean clothes out of my room and risk waking him up? And then the dreaded- if I let him sleep too long, will he not sleep tonight? That one is pure torture.

I love Sebastian to absolute pieces. But thank God for nap time.

I could go on and on about the insignificant, hugely important struggles that stay at home mom’s go through every day, but my stalker camera which is trained on my sleeping infant to alert me of his every move has informed me that he has gone from inches from a coma¬† to a banshee. You’re awesome, moms.


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