This Blog Needs No Introduction.

Reasons You Should Not Read This Blog

  1. If you are a person who has limited amounts of time to spend reading blogs or other such internet platforms.
  2. If you hate Harry Potter and are therefore a tasteless and sad human.
  3. If you are easily offended.
  4. If you ever want to have children. (example of reason #3)
  5. If you have a good or mediocre opinion of me.
  6. If you have faith in the competence of heath care professionals.

Reasons You Should Read This Blog

  1. You enjoy Jane the Virgin and New Girl references
  2. You have short term memory loss
  3. You have copious amounts of time and enjoy reading material by someone who’s third favorite and often used word is “copious”
  4. You are my family and therefore obligated to tolerate me.

WELCOME WE HAVE DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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