Dear Scrolling Thumb

Here’s to my thumb on my right hand, my not worn down, uncallused thumb.

My scrolling finger.

To the days that I am struggling a little more than usual.

Maybe we’re sick.

Maybe I’m lonely.

Maybe I’m stuck in a writing rut.

Maybe I just prefer to read about other people’s lives today, because my mind is a little too overwhelmed.

Perhaps today is a day to observe;  to sit and not be of any use to anybody, adding nothing to the world around me except as a quiet presence.

To wash the dishes and change the diapers and be altogether ordinary.

To motivate no one, to accomplish little bits of several things, without the urgency and rushing around.

Here’s to the days I am an OK Mom, and we watch a little more TV.

Maybe I’m overwhelmed, or maybe I’m just feeling underwhelming.

Today I will scroll a little without shame.

I will take that minute to laugh at my nieces’ antics, take notes on a fashion blog.

Pause and appreciate a beautiful house in Europe, and remember my traveling youth.

Today I will acknowledge that my cup is a little dry, my tank a little sputtery.

Today I will cope a little cope, throw up a prayer, and be alright.


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