Eighteen Months

I love a year and a half. I love the enthusiasm that comes with the development of language, I love the strengthening of our bond because he can decide between oranges and blueberries, and confidence it gives him when I understand him. I never want to forget how he emphatically says “YEAH!” to every questionRead more

Gym Cheetah

There are always a couple of old men who are way too fit for their age, so their body is just a confusion of muscles and wrinkles and it’s slightly terrifying. They always seem to be standing around talking and joking about topics I can only guess at. Probably tuna sandwiches and The War (which one doesn’t matter). The nurse in me wants to approach the group and gently help them sit down, asking if I can take their blood pressure and do they need some Asprin.

10 Myths Of Motherhood

“I could go into this very deeply, with very specific examples involving my sweet son trying to claw a little girl’s eye out at church who was 1/3 of his size, but I’ll spare you the mortifying details. Very simply, approach every mom with the gentleness you would want to receive because little Beau is going to shit in a strangers purse someday and you’re going to be really grateful if that woman has some understanding.”

S*** My Husband Does

We fight all the time. Like not all the time, but we fight. Sometimes close to an event.  Or an open window. We’ve fought moments before someone’s wedding, after their wedding, during their wedding. Whispering insults out the side of my mouth in the pew mid-vows while trying to nurse a discontented Seb is not whatRead more