A few days later we were sitting in a lactation consultants office with a woman who gave off the vibe that she would be a very good fortune teller gypsy. It didn’t help that she smelled so strongly of garlic that I’m fairly certain she must have bathed in it. We were there for Seb to have his tongue tie looked at, and while we were talking I mentioned in casual desperation that I was a little bit engorged.

The Almond Butter Soy Chia Seed Chocolate Protein Max Get Jacked Stay Lean Bar

That’s how I feel about parenting. Which, I’m not technically even doing yet. I feel like “parenting” refers to teaching and playing and educating and disciplining. I’m no where near that. I’m infanting. Which is basically just trying to make sure Sebastian is fed and relatively happy, which he is because he has the personality of a golden retriever puppy. Playful, adorable, and pees when he gets excited.

Ode To The Stay at Home Mom

I love how we say “stay at home mom” as if that’s what mom’s who don’t work get to do- “stay at home”. There is no staying at home, people! There are all of the things that we have to go out and do because we are the ones “staying at home”! The “running to the store for that one thing” mom or the “I can do to that meeting with the realtor in the middle of the day right during nap time, sure” mom would be more accurate.